Banned... Will I Be Able To Come Back?

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Should Stealing In The Wasteland/ Wilderness Be A Banable Offence?

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Yes 8 vote(s) 44.4%
No 9 vote(s) 50.0%
I Don't Really Care 1 vote(s) 5.6%
  1. Just recently been banned for stealing and then breaking chests in the wilderness. I was wondering if I would ever be unbanned, or if it is permantent. I didn't realise that it was a banable offence. Thank You...

  2. Isn't the whole point of those zones to be unsafe? this is why we have the town after all.
  3. Yes, I agree.
    But I also took it too far and smashed the chests, so I don't really know
  4. it's the wilderness/wasteland. anything should go.
  5. In that case so shouldn't pvp be allowed by that same concept?
  6. I've been saying it for awhile.
  7. In the willderness it is survial against the world, with no map, to maqke it as "real" as possible. Justin had a discussion thread going about a PvP world.

  8. Anyway, off topic...
    Should I be able to come back, like after a week or so?
  9. That isn't anything any of us can really decide. It's for the Mods/Admins to decide.
  10. Yes, I was trying to get the mods/admins to see this.
  11. One major reason that stealing shouldn't be allowed, besides it being poor social behaiviour that will make you no friends , get you shunned, and will gnaw at your soul when you sleep, making you a miserable person, is that it's just plain inconvenient for other people.

    We can't leave stuff in chests in the wasteland or wilderness because someone will steal it, so at the end of every expedition we have to make two to four trips back to town so our stuff doesn't get stolen. We have to take everything; we can't even leave basic supplies or chests behind. It's kind of rediculous actually. We can't even reasonably make a permanent little base anywhere... everything has to be temporary and short term.

    Ultimately, stealing does no one any good. Only those who are greatly misguided do it... and they usually eventually realize how self-defeating it is. Most people realize this very young.

    Allowing it would effectively promote people remaining misguided and being miserable. Seriously, what's more valuable, good relationships with people or a few diamonds and a half-dozen stacks of cobblestone? What really makes you happy in life?

    Disallowing it would actually promote and facilitate an important life lesson. That stealing is bad for you. It's also bad for other people too, but for most the main concern is oneself. So if you're looking out for yourself only, then stealing is still totally a mistake.

    Stealing is bad for you because if you're caught you will be disliked (you can't deny that one of the things you want most is to be liked), and even if you get away with it you will most likely suffer some guilt about it at some point, even unconsciously. Guilt is like a cancer that eats away at you and makes you mentally and emotionally sick.

    ...and you will eventually get caught if you do it regularly.

    Now, one reason that people are so misguided about this in Minecraft, and other multiplayer games, is that it's a virtual world. How many of us have spent hours and hours in other virtual worlds where everything was there specifically for us to find and take? I'm talking about single player games, where everything there is utterly intended for us to steal and destroy and do whatever we want with.

    It's simply not like that in a multiplayer game. While the world is not real, the people in it are, and the relationships you have with these people are also real, just on a different level than face to face physical relationships. The fundamental laws of human interaction still apply.

    Do we want a virtual world full of people we like, or do we want one full of people we fear and dislike?

    There will always be people who come on the server and steal and destroy things of course, but if we send a message that this is officially ok to do we will have far more of it going on that we would otherwise. At that rate the Wasteland and Wilderness, and Utopia, are little more than desolate resource pits.

    Do we want the Wasteland, Wilderness and Utopia to be constantly filled with bandits, or just the occasional misguided fool?

    I'd prefer the latter myself... those who do foolish things have potential to learn from thier mistakes.
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  12. "Please respect what other players have built. Do not come crying if you leave something in the Wasteland and it gets taken / destroyed, that is what Town is for."

    This is the quote from the description of the Wasteland. Ultimately it means that if something gets destroyed there while we are not present, no we at this time have no way of knowing who did it and can't do anything about it. We also mean the first part of it. We will not have disrespectful people on the server.

    Now, if my memory stands correct, not only did you steal items from the chests, you DESTROYED them when your inventory was full so the rest of the items you couldn't steal would disappear on them. Please, tell me any logical reason you would have other than being a jerk, that you would have needed to do that, on top of taking the items.
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  13. I don't know why I did that and I feel really stupid. There was no reason other than being a jerk, and I belive I should be punished, but I really like your server and it was an act of stupitity and iditoism. I wish to say sorry to who ever's chests thay where and I will refund all of their items if they wish. I know what was in there and am willing to give it all back.

    Oh, and Liz, the gnawing has already started...
  14. Anyone know a good server? One with protected houses like this?

  15. Nope this server is one of a kind
  16. There is no honour in destroying what other people have built or stealing what they worked so hard to find.
  17. i can sleep at night from doing such things without them eating at me.....but i choose not to as it lacks honor and i am to pride filled to stoop to the level of thievery.

    but i see it as a kickable/temp ban offense...not permanent ban though
  18. Maybe stead of banning him we could just open his res in town to every one in the server but him for a day. So he can see what it feels like.
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  19. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  20. Okay, stealing and then destroying it when you're full is just plain dumb, you deserve to be gone for that.

    I was under the impression that you'd just stolen something and that should not nor ever should it be a banable offence.
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