Banned Players Last Voted.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by zervados, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Hey when I did a /p of a banned player it said their last vote was 15966, does that number stand for something or is it just a bug?
  2. I dont think it matters if they are banned. If they havnt voted before, that number comes up. (I think)
    Edit: Just realised I didn't answer the question. I think its a bug
  3. EMC is not ( at least that I know ) 15966 days old.
  4. This was mentioned elsewhere (I think by Aikar, could be wrong) that that was the day the internet started. Ill try and find the link
  5. The universe came into being 15966 days ago. That was when the Big Bang occurred, creating the whole universe in a sigle instant. Any events prior to that are lies that have been fed to you to keep you from the truth.

    Nah, 15966 days ago was January 1, 1970, which is the official start of Unix time, basically used for programming and everything. Aikar probably made it so that if they never voted, it simply said that they hadn't voted in all of (programming) time. :)
  6. It has to do with when computers started keeping time back in the 70's or something. That shows up for anyone who has never voted before. The staff is aware of it but I don't think Aikar was planning on fixing that.
  7. It said that for my friend who had never voted before too.
  8. Its an Easter egg not a bug XD