Banned for no reason

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by ApricityXI, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. hey i got banned by margaritte for 'threatening behavior and i don't even know who i threatened. could i please have proof?
  2. Wrong way to appeal and I saw you got banned for griefing/stealing. This will be hard....
    1. Don't even lie to yourself, you know who you threatened.
    2. The mods don't ban without proof
    3. This thread will be closed before you know it.
  4. nfell, well im sure your a liar, cause i didnt greif/steal anything so plz shhh.
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  5. I replied past the no reply line again. I'm a very very bad person.

    You wont have been falsely banned. :) Please don't call others liars, it won't help your case. But yes, nfell, you're incorrect.
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  6. You got banned,
  7. Im not, I saw him get banned by Maxarias on SMP5
  8. Just PM the moderator who banned you, find them, and click "Start a conversation".
    Also, by the fact you posted here, we are already 255% less inclined to believe anything you tell us.
  9. Ok lets try this again! :p

  10. I've yet again replied past the no reply line. I'm a very very very bad person.
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  11. read the ban game thread ;)
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