Banned for "abusing the player report system".

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  1. Did i accually get that right? If someone is annoying me i tell him to stop many times, then i report him and I get banned? Even though it is a 1h ban. Im saying there is something really wrong with this. I just have to say that there is something REALLY wrong with it, or so i think.
    Ps. Im NOT trying to appeal my ban.
    NOTE: Im not trying to get people to hate the System/Moderators/The Server. I just want to know that at what part did I do something wrong? Or how did i "abuse the player the report system."
    4. Thou Shalt Not Be Rude

    Be polite and respectful to others in the game and in the chat, and don’t harass or insult anybody, for any reason. If someone asks you to leave thier lot or to stop doing something that is affecting them in some way, respect them and do as they ask.
  2. you'r note the only one, i have writed over 12 ban appeals but the mods do not -snip- care, ust d1223m helped me and when i writed a ban appeal to dark_liz do he not answer... damn
  3. I say what happened and its only an 1hour Ban so don't push your luck by the way you wrote this it sounds like your trying to get people to hate the Moderators and two people got banned for "Abusing The report system"

    Just wait and you will be ok but if you carry on complaining you might get an increased length ban.
  4. @Sammy_Man: Im not appealing a ban. Im only saying there is something wrong with the system.

    Squizzel, im not trying to get people hate the moderators. I just want to know that at what part i "Abused the player report system."
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  5. And your about to get banned. :) Have a nice day. :)
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  6. Please do not talk bad about Moderators They have been chosen for there job and they do a very good job at what they do.

    I see why you would put things like this on the forum but its not going to help in the future if you get banned again.
    In my mind if you have been banned before you are more likely to get banned again.
  7. i love this server and the mods and owners are awesome!, but they are alwas saying write a ban appeal but every time i do that do the never answer!!!!!,
  8. Maybe if you read the rules, you would know swearing isn't allowed. :)
  9. You did exeactly that "Abuse the report system"

    If a Moderator has banned you I would just wait for the Ban to lift Its going to get you a bad reputation in the future :/ (Im not trying to argue with you I'm just saying what is likely to happen now :/

    But don't post bad things about Moderator People have been banned just for calling Moderators "Slow At helping"
    I mean that really wasnt needed to be put on a forum I was banned because i called a Mod Slow

    aso keep in mind Moderators get the inbox spammed by "I need help" "Plz unban me" and when you use plz in stead of please that shows your not really interested in anything but getting un-banned and it makes you look like a 6 year old (I'm NOT talking about you Just some people think they will get un banned by putting this "Plz Un-Ban me it was my friend playing"...)

    Yeah But Moderators get loads of messages a day they carn't read them all and most the time they have Wife's and Husbands and even children collage... they don't all spend there hole day on Minecraft *Like Me*
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  10. Squizzel, im NOT trying to appeal ban. And check the Commandement 4.
  11. Yeah I know your not appealing your Ban but I'm just sort of saying that its like your trying to... (Ok I give In trying to explain these things xD)
  12. Squizzel, What he's trying to get across to you is that he got banned for reporting someone who has broken rule 4.
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  13. Thanks. You putted it how i should have putted it in the first place.
  14. I'm not sure what you said in your report, but I have successfully reported players many times and never have been given a ban. Perhaps you came across as overly upset or emotional? Your ban reason was "take a break", so you must have said something to make the mod in question think you needed to walk away for a while. Instead, you come to the forum and spend your ban hour stirring up things here... which makes me think that you really DO need a break.

    @Sammy -- Judging from your ban reason, you are a griefer who liked to brag about the fact. There's no coming back from that no matter HOW many ban appeals you may want to write.
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  15. In all fairness, the mod who temp banned you banned the other guy for the same amount of time and for a similar reason (cool off, ect.). I think he just wants you two to cool off, as it seems you two were arguing over something. And reporting someone for 'annoying you' is not a valid reason.
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  16. i know i griefed and i'm sorry..., i'm just mad becouse i have worked so hard for the 19500 r an my res :(
  17. Squizzel i have to agree with Scizzo here:
    The right to freedom of speech and expression. it's a human right and he made use of it. He wasn't rude or disrespectful. He just pointed out that there might be a Problem with the system which i think is OK. But the Whole truth knows only scizzo and the mods themselves.

    Don't be afraid of the System, or your government ( in this case the EMC staff). As long u keep reasonable and respectful.

    Just imagine what would happen if People kept silent in case of ACTA :eek: .
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  18. i have quited minecraft anyways i can't find a better server this server was a server that all myfriends gamed on it to but now i'm banned.... and every time i try to get in do it says INTERNAL EXCEPTION :(
  19. Sammy, Please, Just Message JustinGuy, I'm sure he'll help you, And if he says no he won't unban you then I'm afraid that's the final answer.
  20. Sammy, this may have happened because you have updated your minecraft. try and find a program like MCNostalgia to downgrade to 1.1