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  1. i went offline yesterday and come online today and says ive been perm banned for griefin/stealing but i did not steal/grief anything and if i appeal my ban i lose all my items and rupees i think this is unfair
  2. Please private message MrSocks75 with your ban appeal. :)
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  3. This is not the proper way to talk about it - PM MrSocks75 to appeal or talk about what has happened and what evidence he has, you can always talk to other staff if you think that a staff member has done something wrong. Staff would rarely get anything wrong so you should respect them but feel free to talk to them about it and they will inform you.
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  5. You two beat me to it :p
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  6. how do i pm him when i cant get on empireminecraft??
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  10. If you read the rules, it states to start a conversation with the moderator who banned you.
    Posting in forums about your ban is the wrong way to go about this.
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