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  1. Hey so i was thinking that some people have lot's of shops, money but no alts and when the put sell signs you could potentially loose all your money. I was thinking that we could store our money into a bank sort of system, similar to the stable voucher thing.
  2. If you don't want to risk buying too much items then there is a small trick for that: simply fill up your chest with an item other than the one you're trading. You also don't have to use stack quantities, just fill up the slots. Then people can only sell you stuff using the empty slots.

    So say I'm selling and buying diamonds and I don't want to risk buying more than half a stack (32). What I'd do is place half a stack of diamonds in my SC and then fill out the rest with dirt blocks. Now people can buy / sell but no more than 32 diamonds. Of course it'll give you more control if you don't combine a buy/sell sign but use separate chests.

    Figured I'd mention it, I know that several players don't know about this trick.


    Other than that I'm all in favor of the idea. I'm pretty sure that it would help players to reserve some money for other things. Edit: Do keep in mind that this has been requested a few times before already. But who knows....
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  3. The banking systems have been suggested before and, due to the complexity, are not something we are looking at adding at the moment.

    For now, if you have an account with shop signs up, make sure you watch over your prices and block chests that you don't want to buy too many things in. That can be done with dirt easily enough. It's what I used to do when I ran a mall and was pretty successful at keeping things in check.
  4. What if it was simply just a signed book by Empire Minecraft, inside saying what amount. And you can buy them for # from /shop and resell for the same price? Simple and it works
  5. That's a really good idea. There were these items in an online game I played, called silver bars. Each one could be bought by a set amount (1 million, 100 million, etc) from npcs and could be sold back for the same amount. That's not hard at all to do here on emc.
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  6. That's a great idea actually!
  7. fB you did it again. Good idea!
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  8. yeah thanks haha i already knew this but i'm way too lazy XD
  9. If/when we were to add a banking system, it would be something more detailed than that. With Aikar's focus on other things at the moment, it's not something we want to look at right now.

    Keep in mind, then you have the issue of non-traceable transactions to other parties. As well as issues with players 'losing' them, etc.
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  10. Why do we have to make it fancy? Simple can also be good. You could use the books to make transactions, but you could include that staff wouldn't intervene if there were problems. Its like players 'losing' their diamonds, you don't have to replace
  11. Pretty much every transaction other than the ones from the forums is non-traceable, so I don't see the issue here. And you can always negotiate through forums chat and pay through mail. And, of course, you could just transform the item into rupees back and use them, which is much safer.
    About people loosing them...
    1) Do staff replace lost promos? No? Then why should it be different in this case?
    2) Making the item soulbound would solve 50% of these issues.
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