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  1. i think there should be a bank to store your rupees and the commands will be:

    /check bank - tells how many rupees are in your bank account

    /rupees deposit [amount] - deposits how many rupees you want

    /rupees withdraw [amount] - withdraws the amount you want
  2. Just curious, but what would be the practicality of a bank? I mean, I guess it could keep you from overspending but...
  3. this is also a suggestion but i think that the server should have

    direct debit



    direct debit can be for renting like so many people have as an option


    loans can be usd for buying the necessity's and it will have to be repaid fully in a month or so or the derect debit comes into use and all money earned will be given straight back to the server

    thabk you for reading
  4. This could easily be abused :( you could have multiple accounts and buy something then transfer item and not have to pay for the item :/
  5. :( well i know but then again 1 of the accounts would have to pay for it :)
  6. They wouldn't have to log Back on that account though.
  7. crazy the whole point is, is that some people might want to have like a savings account and put like half of there daily bonus in there? diamond is right, if you pay...say 100r for an account then skilled_creeper there should be a way to program it so you cant have multiple accounts or be able to get into others... and diamond your suggestion- i please need you too answer this - what would happen if someone didn't pay back the loan and didn't have a enough money to force pay back at the end of the month (which i think is too long by the way) and the last thing, can you please explain more about the direct debt... you didn't really explain it enough. :p;):D
  8. I'm rather confused now. I sort of understand the savings account, but why should we let people buy things with money they don't have?
  9. well direct debit will be to pay someone weekly or daily the same amount like if someone gave u somthing worth 1000r and u only had 100 u can direct debit them daily 100 r until the amount has been payed to its full extent
  10. and loans not repayed
    well every one earns at least 100r a day
  11. well if you were going mining for coal iron and all that good stuff and u want a diamond pick (lets say you have 2 diamond :p ) and you only have 1 r left ( no one sells diamond for 1 r ) you could type /loan 50 and u can buy diamond
    and somone can also loan other people money bu typing /loan r crazy1080 60
  12. Yes, but why should you be allowed to buy things with money you don't have? If you can't afford something, you shouldn't purchase it.
  13. I guess u guys run out of rupees when someone are selling 15r diamonds :rolleyes:
  14. Crazy if your confused about diamonds idea then please just ask him about it (not me) the savings/bank account is all i came up with =)
  15. Dislike. Why? Im biased because i personally run a shop that helps me avoid ruppie issues and from a programmers point of view, i can think ofa 100 diff things justin could do or add to the empire that could be more valuable overall. If anything, a direct debit could be usefull for renting in the empire, but loans just create a whole new lvl of complexity that would require too much attn.

    Great thinking either way tho!
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  16. loan might make someone bankrupt. what if I loan 1000000r and spent it right away at empire shop. get all the stuff i want.
  17. OMG i only came up with the idea of the bank account and savings thing :mad: the point is that if there is DOZENS of little things that could make the server better and I think that this could be one of them!
  18. I can see how much I have by typing "/rupees"
    If I want to save a set amount of my money, I simply dont spend it.

    Sooo... Whats the point of storing rupees? I'd understand if the server gave me some interest. What would the bank change in my gameplay?

    This isn't meant negative at all! I simply don't see your point. Could you explain your thoughts on it?
  19. Well aesri the intrest idea is a good idea but think bout the diamond members... they will probably get like 500r a week or summat. and the whole point is that it you can deposit and withdraw rupees and think about it... can you do that now?
  20. Maybe this might work
    What if it's not a saving account.
    Like if u put 2000r in and set for 2 week. U cant withdraw it for 2 week. but after that. u got your interest. But not keep on increasing if u leave it there for like 3 month since u specify 2 week.
    It's more like an investment.

    Ex. put in 2000r for 1 month for 10% interest.
    Then u wait 1 month. and u take it out. U got 2200r. But if u leave them 3 month u still got 2200r because u specify it in the first place.

    This kind of account in real life does exist. I just dont know what it call (I forgot the name)
    EDIT : I think it's called "Fixed Deposits"
    EDIT2 : And if u take out your rupees before time. u dont get the interest.