Bandits Promo Store V2 8080

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  1. Sorry for the wait people! The shop is not 100% finished but because i have taken so long i will open it anyway, there are two floors so far but will most likely add a basement or a roof floor when new promos are created.

    The res number is 8080 on smp4


    Some things that the shop will feature:

    Ore Buster
    Christmas Promo Horses
    Haunted heads
    Freedom blades
    Ham hackers

    and many, many other items..

    Pm me on forums to sell

    Looking to buy:
    2013 labor bench
    2013 Horseman Mask
    Dragon Poop
    Super Dragon Poop
    Lucky Bows
    Trick-Or-Treat Bundle
    Rudolf used and un-used
    Holiday Pick
    Shear Madness
    2016 Labor bench - 15k per

    Candy Cane Sword's
    Pm me on forums to sell

    I just want to note i will not be selling any items over the forums, but however if you need an item reserved for a later date then please privately message me on the forums or in game!

    For the best experience come at night in game and turn your brightness down to the lowest setting possible in your mine craft launcher.

    If you wish to sell any items i will be more than happy to discuss this further in a private conversation on the forums.

    Many thanks, i hope you enjoy my shop and prices.. :D
  2. Reserved for Future expansion
  3. Reserved for Future expansion
  4. HYPE
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  5. YAAAASSSSS! what time is 7 pm british time in MEC time??? I really want to make it!-BQ2003
  6. no idea lol
  7. Perhaps put the emc time in the thread also. /time
  8. should be around 2pm emc time
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  9. Awesome! I'm glad to see you've opened up another shop but also sad that you abandoned 8 :p
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  10. Just changed the open date to tomorrow same time just different day ^^
    will open on Monday the 3rd ( tomorrow ) 7pm UK time or 2pm emc time :D
  11. Bandit do u have any 134 or 133 horses?

    (Sorry to get off topic, ive started public breeding id loke to add on to)
  12. This is a promo shop, not a horse shop sorry.
  13. Might have to open the shop slightly earlier than anticipated due to a few things happening tonight, will keep you updated tho
  14. Shop will open in 15 ^^
  15. isn't that the year of the haunted head?
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  16. yup the first version
  17. Yeah, first version was only called the Haunted Head, it doesn't say Horseman Mask - that's 2014 and 2015 only :) So it may be worth updating in the OP if you want :D