Bandito's Promo Shop 17771

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  1. Shop has been closed to stock up for my move to smp4 :p

    Selling some good Promotional Items

    All Prices are Negotiable
    Looking to buy :


    Cheap Promos for everyone ^^
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  2. Added some more promos
  3. Bump, if you want to sell me items pm me here on in game
  4. added new items such as i am now buying gold ingots and god apples, i am also selling new promos ^^ come check it out or pm me here
  5. Ore Buster Bought Bandito! :D

    Cozy little shop - I recommend it to others looking for those promos hidden around the Empire. Can't wait to see it grow into a bigger shop.
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  6. Bumpity bump bump ^^
  7. Added new items to the shop, as well as changed the prices on a few things ^^

  8. I had a look at the shop earlier and there's a varied number of promos with some reasonable prices, I'll be watching the thread and I'll come back to see updates as and when they happen! :)
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  9. cheers fd ^^
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  10. Bump, still lots of stock left such as ham hackers, Dashers, ESCD'S, cheap meteo bows, marlix bow, starter gear and many many other cheap items for sale ^^
  11. just adding some info, Now buying Mineral mincers for 55k per
  12. Lowered the prices again, 12500 for a meteor bow, 49,999r for a un-used dasher aswell as a deal of the week only 9999r for a magical eggcilent wand ^^ come get while stock lasts, many other cheap promos for sale...
  13. I Added reasonably priced 100k armour ^^ the pants and shoes :p so Bionic pants and Bubble boots! 32k per
  14. Bump ! ^^
  15. Bump, added a used Dasher to the shop aswell as some alterations to the prices !! :D come check it out