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  1. What do i do if i am banned, but i owe people things or money?

    ps im not banned, just wondering
  2. Msg the staff member that banned you and appeal..If you do it properly with manners and stuff like that your chances of staying on emc will increase drammatically
  3. When you're banned, you're dead on the server. Literally dead, you can't respawn. You're gone.
  4. Unless you appeal -_- Or maybe it is a unappealable ban.
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  6. There is no "civil justice" on EMC.
    If someone steals from you, they will probably be punished (banned), but you normally won't get your stuff back nor any compensation.
    Why this is so?
    Average maturity on EMC is kind of low, and at the same time EMC does not have anything like kindergarten teachers or educators who would try to settle all the (irrational) quarrels between kids.
    Therefore, EMC discourages or even bans activities that could potentially lead to increased number of disputes or conflicts.
  7. Dwight is right. There's a difference in situations. From what I've seen/heard:
    • If you're scammed through an auction, like paying for the item and someone logging out and not giving you the item/lying they have it in the first place and don't, they you're refunded the money and that person is banned.
    • If you make a mistake on a shop sign and someone abuses it, they're banned and your money refunded. (can vary in some cases on how strict the ban is)
    However if it's a case of "Hey he bid on my auction and got banned, now what?" You just get to resell the item/sell it to the next highest bidder. The only times you probably don't get compensated is when you hire someone to work for you, pay them and then they get banned at the start/middle of the job and when you claim someone stole things from your chests because they don't have proof you actually owned that item/that it was actually stolen.
  8. If you got scammed, there's nothing you can do, sorry.
  9. It depends on the case.
  10. As panda just depends on the case and what info staff can track down to be accurate. The last scamming case I did was with Jim and it took 3 hours "no breaks" to gather everything and to end the case.
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  11. Sorry, I should've clarified. I meant with a banned player.
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  12. Just to clarify, if you were banned because you owed someoneone something, staff will usually attempt to track you down, gather the items/rupees that you griefed/stole before banning you. If you didn't return them, chances are it wouldn't be a temp-ban nor would it be easy to appeal. :)
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