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Do you think Ban Appeal should be a thing?

Yes 10 vote(s) 45.5%
No 14 vote(s) 63.6%
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  1. There should be a ban appeal area for people to try to get other people unbanned. That way people don't just make another account to get on empire minecraft again.
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  2. Yea well they don't perma-ban people instantly. They ban people who deserve it and if they want to make another account they have to pay for minecraft.
  3. You PM the mod that banned you. Its that simple.
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  5. Welcome to the forum?
  6. From the title of the thread, I thought it was it was going to be a "can u plox uban me" failed ban appeals.
  7. The whole point is to PM a mod.
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  8. Perhaps there should be a forum/page that you can place your appeal on, not showing up on the activity box, with info such as when you were banned, who banned you, how long the ban may be and why you were banned.
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  9. Yeah... :eek:
  10. Have you seen this movie?
  11. I don't want to click it...
  12. lol it's only a link to the warner bro's movie page.
  13. The movie is probably funny, but using that picture in the context you used it in is creepy.
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  14. You have to see the movie to understand it.
  15. I personally think that there should be a ban appeal forum category. But, it would just reroute the post into a PM to the eight most recently active mods, with a convo slot open in case the mod who banned such person wasnt in the recent eight list. I dont think it will be added though, cause it would be a pain to create:p
  16. Awesome idea
  17. Thanks for posting guys. I didn't think anyone would actually see this!
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  18. Oh we see it alright!
  19. lol, of course we did.
    probably because we thought it was an actual ban appeal lol
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  20. I'd already copypasted the wiki link >.>
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