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Should I be kept banned from my previous actions 8 months ago?

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Yes 2 vote(s) 40.0%
No 3 vote(s) 60.0%
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  1. My account is superboyman. Its a bit complex of how I got banned. One day, I was in the Utopia wild when I decided to troll a player named JLopez. This happened a while ago when I was more immature.It was about 8 months ago so I didn't realize I was being rude. I promise if I get pardoned I will never do anything that might make someone mad again. Playing these servers means alot to me. So I am sorry for my previous actions. Superboyman was my friends account when I got banned. He let me use it. So he used MY account named Lionkev55. So i would strongly appreciate you to pardon Lionkev55 and Superboyman. I want to have a fresh new start.
  2. Not the correct way to appeal.
    Message the mod who banned you, sorry to say your chances have probably dropped quite a lot.
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  3. Not the right way to appeal. But I totally remember you! Hey!
  4. This is not the correct way to appeal a ban. Please privately message ISMOOCH as he is the mod who banned you.

    I have locked this thread.
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