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  1. If you are getting the Bad Packet ID error and unable to login -- please stop trying to login!

    Your player data file has an error in it and it is kicking everyone else off every time you try to login.

    If you can at least get into the game, you are fine. But if you get the error on login, please stop trying to login and move to a different EMC SMP server in the mean time.

    I've sent a few of the player files to Mojang and they are looking into it. There is nothing we can do short of temp banning the affected players.

    Again, if you can't login due to the error, stop trying until we tell you its fixed, and play on a different EMC SMP server.
  2. Yes, thanks for making this, I keep getting this error, and on another server I play, too.
    Why is this affecting some players and not anothers?
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  3. dude i did not un ban me
  4. Only awesome people talk to mojang
  5. Alrighty Aikar ! Thanks :3
  6. Lol i must've kicked everybody a LOT of times then xD
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  7. You are only banned temporarily, its for the other players that can get on.
  8. oh man not again!
  9. Thanks for telling us aikar :D
  10. There's definitely a load of people infected who are trying to get onto SMP2 :/

    EDIT: I'm infected! D:
  11. I unbanned you jake, but please login to a diff SMP if possible.

    Zoe, you say even an on emc server does it? can you go on other SMP's on EMC?
  12. Infected, I still dont know how this happened, can someone explain...?
    EDIT: I can get on other EMC servers, though I tried another non EMC server and it happened
  13. how do u get pictures after ur name?
  14. anything you can think of you did recently, new item or anything?
  15. Go to your account on the upper right and click your signature, you put pictures and such there.
    No, it just started happening to me this morning.
  16. when will it let ay back on
  17. pictures after your name?
  18. it appears restarting server can help... try relogging in your servers now.
  19. They're referring to signatures...
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