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  1. The EMC rules state that any sort of bad language is not accepted. But, I even see DIAMOND Supporters use bad language. I think that this needs to change. I have also seen more than just diamond supporters but others and then claim they havn't done anything wrong.
  2. Heres the Rule:

    8. Thou Shalt Not Use Excessively Foul Language
    Be careful of what you type into the chat. The Empire is a public place for all people of all ages. It's not the place for foul language. Save it for private messages with your friends. If you’re not sure what is considered ‘excessively foul language’ ask a moderator.

    Excessively Foul being the key words. The general consensus is PG-13.

    Edit: As said below. Report any offenses using /report. In no way are supporters above the rules - they get the same kicks / bans as everyone else.
  3. Next time do /report player andwhathedidhere
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  4. I'm not clear on your, well, what you want?
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  5. Just because they are diamond supporters does not mean they won't/can't break rules. Bear that in mind. /report them next time, please.
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  6. Every one has a slip of the fingers, even supporters. Excessive foul language is using it more than just once or twice, Its like swearing multiple times in one sentence. Its like ****** gosh **** it, i hate this ******* game. That is excessive.
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  7. It's not just diamond suppporters though
  8. Everyone does it, Ive seen diamonds, golds,irons, and regulars do it.
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  9. Personally, I just replace the swearword with words that rhyme with them.
    Such as duck, or hit :)
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  10. Then report them. That's what the /report system is in place for. If you don't we (staff) have no way of knowing. Your last report for someone swearing was 25 days ago.
  11. Yes, yes i know what ur saying but they do it even when i tell them its wrong.
  12. One word....Screen shots
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  13. And it's a shame they do that, but as said, don't forget /report :)
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  14. That's what the report system is for. Most rulebreakers won't stop because another player asks them to, they will only stop when a staff member takes action. The /report function notifies a staff member through our fancy square system to take action.
  15. You wrote that as two words.. though its just supposed to be one...

    SO: sorta/kinda/not really fail...

    NAW its a total fail
  16. SO: Grey text fail..and so.
  17. How is that a grey text fail ? :eek:
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  18. It was perfectly hidden.
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  19. exactly.
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  20. *Troll Face*
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