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  1. Finally got my new MacBook after my orange juice disaster last month. In a way I'm kinda happy it happened but still not. Its bittersweet.

    It gave me a chance to try out the new retina Macbook, this thing is amazing and runs minecraft even better than my 2011 MBP. Went with 16gb of ram since its built in ram. It should last me a while. No more liquids on the same table as this one this time around.

    Very pleased. Well done again apple.

    Im baaaaack!
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  2. Welcome back.
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  3. Welcome Back :)
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  4. Welcome back!!! EMC it's the best server ever i'm started to play minecraft because this server
  5. Welcome Back :D I did that with my laptop so I got a comp its much better
  6. Sorry but I just about died laughing when I read orange juice disaster!! :D