[BACK ONLINE] SMP4/5/6 Maintenance - 2/14/16

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Aikar, Feb 14, 2016.

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  1. SMP 4, 5 and 6 are now back online - all services normal

    , but without the Live Map.

    We are working to restore Live Map within 24 hours.

    Unrelated to tonights update, it actually started before but was not caught until now.

    The harddrive that holds backups for SMP4/5/6 as well as logs is throwing errors. These 3 will have to be offline until I can resolve it, but may need host to replace the drive.

    will keep you updated when news comes.
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  2. wahhhh! Okay, I wait :)
  3. note that its the backup/dynmap/log file drive thats crashed, so no game data is lost, but we cant run the servers with the server in this state and may have to turn the machine off to replace it.

    worse case scenario is the live map for those 3 has to be re-uncovered.
  4. Can you give an estimated time on when these smps will be back up?
  5. Is there anymore news!?
    Are you sure we wont lose anything?
  6. how am i supposed to provide golden carrot to all dem horse breeders?
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  7. Thanks, Aikar.
  8. Wow. Happy Valentine's day Aikar. Hope you didn't have plans :p
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  9. Haha :) i dont care if he had plans or not if he doesn't get my favourite server working again im going to a different server. Jk. #EMCforLife
  10. Thanks. Best of luck resolving it.
  11. again, the server has 2 hard drives. The OS and all MC game data is on a drive that is ok (SSD).

    The BACKUP drive is what failed, so we simply have to recreate a new backup once restored.
    but however dynmap files are also on the drive.

    I'm going to try to get the servers up WITHOUT THE LIVEMAP first, and restore the livemap files and hopefully add live map back up tomorrow night.
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  12. So if the SSD failed EVERYTHING would go down?
  13. only if it failed *right now* but the errors were complaining about dynmap, so the backups may even still be ok.

    there's 2 copies of the data, and soon i'll be syncing it off the server too (just haven't gotten to that point of disaster readyness :/ haven't had time)
  14. You're doing great Aikar :). We know you'll keep being great.
  15. Ah. Inyur own time Aikar you dont have time for everthing but find the time in-case we have another disaster just like this one. but worse.
  16. Have a nice sleep aikat :)
  17. host had new drive in and server (MACHINE) running within 1 hr :) love their support.

    I'm in middle of re-making backups, then I'm going to turn them back on WITHOUT LIVE MAP until all live map data is restored. The live map data is being slow I'm assuming due to the bad drive.
  18. servers are back up but no live map.

    Live map will be restored as soon as possible. (4/5/6 only - all other servers have live map)
  19. Yay. First after the update and title change! That counts, right?
  20. GG Aikar.
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