Baby Slimes as Pets in Town

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  1. Basically, I think that Baby Slimes should be Spawn-Able in town. They could have the same thing bats do so they don't despawn, and also, Who doesn't want a Little Slime Buddy Following you All over. Also maybe the Same for Guardians once 1.8 rolls around, cuz I think it'd be cool to have a little Koi Pond with Guardians or an Aquarium
  2. Well, slimes are hostile mobs. They aren't following you around to be a pet, they are following you around like a mob who wants to attack you.
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  3. But we can all pretend:p Also, Baby Slimes were supposed to be able to spawn on Peaceful in Vanilla.
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  4. Noice name.

    Aikar is planning pets, but he has to do crapload of work first.
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  5. *Flaps Hands in Excitement*
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  6. *cuts off tusk for cash*
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  7. :eek:
  8. *Builds Robotic Tusk and Takes revenge on SkyDragon*
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  9. I just noticed this thread. I'm glad to see someone else loves baby slimes as much as I do. When I find them in caves I let them follow me around forever until I accidentally mine one of them :/ I definitely love the idea of allowing us to spawn more pets, but I could also see how it's not an option since the adult slimes are hostile mobs lol.
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  10. Aikar is working on pets! Can't wait to have a pet bunny or a pet iron golem (or pet villager, I guess)!
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  11. Maybe we could spawn them as Baby Slimes, and if you wanted to, you could Feed them Slimeballs or Slime Blocks (Adding on Slime Mass) To get them to a Bigger Size, maybe They would be peaceful (Since you are the one that raised it)
  12. It takes allot of coding to make an egg just spawn a baby slime and it not be hostel. They are hostel as a small slime but they don't do enough damage for you to lose a heart. But I agree I would love to have a baby slime as a pet even a baby creeper.
  13. I would like a Jerry and maybe a little magma cube friend.