[B] Minecraft Skin!

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  1. Im looking to pay someone in rupees, for a cool minecraft skin.

    It will be advertising for SMP1 Res. number 1783 (SMP1 XLStore)

    All "offers" (pictures) goes in my INBOX along with a price.

    Colors: Purple & Black is a MUST - mix it with whatever you want to.

    The skin must be in both male and female gender setup. (No erhm, "curves" just the hairdo and face.)
  2. What type of skin do you want? Undead, anime, cartoon, mc related...

    (I made mine from a anime, Soul Eater)
  3. To be honest, im really not that creative.

    Just want something that goes well with our XLStore and has the needed advertisement on it.

    (Its for suppliers, GM's etc.)
  4. What's the theme of your store?
  5. I can make one
  6. A copy?
    Jesus christ - i hope your kidding, if not - please bug off.

    Topic is 3 days old - so unless your trying to invade my topic with your nonsense link - I doubt I'm copying your great great idea.
  7. Sorry I forgot to add the "/sarcasm" at the bottom ;)
  8. I create custom skins for people on rare occasion. You'll know who has a Maxarian skin simply by looking for the tell-tail lime green M at the bottom of the head. So far, people who sport my skins: Myeno, Jimmirapper, Aikar, and I.
    Before I make a custom skin for a player, I prefer to get to know them first, and base the skin off of their personality, such as Jimmi always grins, therefore his skin has a very big, cheesy grin, with his business initials on the back of his shirt, in his business colors.
    I prefer bright colors, so I coordinated everything to match with the fuchsia text color I like. I don't think I really need to go into further detail, because I fear this post of mine is already quite boring. :p:D
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