[Contest] Tomato Skin

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  1. As many of you know (or maybe you don't know) I have used the same skin most of my time here at EMC but I am ready for a change so I am making a contest to see who can make the best skin for Bob.

    1. You must use the same eyes and mouth.
    2. Use your imagination, it does not have to be a tomato.
    3. When you have made it to submit it please post it here or upload it to Planetminecraft.com with this form filled out:
    In Game Name:
    Why You Made the Skin:
    4. Have fun!

    There are 2 possible ways to win, here is how:
    1. There will be a my favorite skin and the submitter will get 2k
    2. There will be the public's favorite skin and the winner will get 2k

    For every 15 entry's I get I will raise the winnings by 1k!

    You have until next the 9th of June at 11:59pm EST to submit your skin.

    Completed Entries:
  2. Added more winnings!
  3. In Game Name: Alexhallon
    Age: Classified
    Why You Made the Skin: I <3 Making Skins
    The Skin is not done yet, I'll try to have it done today ;)
    Also, can I upload it to PlanetMineCraft and the send you the link?
  4. Yes sir you may, I will also add that option to the post
  5. Thread updated, you are now able to post them on planetminecraft.com and I added more rupees to the winnings!
  6. Does the Mouth have to be the same colour as yours?
  7. No. As long as you keep the same concept.
  8. Does a "Bald Tomato Teen" sound good? :)
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  9. *no comment*
  10. I mean like a "Tomato Man" in Teen-Clothes, and with no hair.
    Sounds any good?
  11. Your the one entering it I am not going to give an answer because I might not give a fair advantage to the other submitters.
  12. Ok then, hope you'll like it, I'm almost done :)
  13. And I hope more people enter xD
  14. Am I allowed to do more than 1 entry?
  15. If you would like but you will only have the plausibility of winning once
  16. skindex here I come!!!
  17. W00t! Some more entries!
  18. You expect people to spend that much time to make a skin for the chance to win 1k? That is kinda a cheapskate move.
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