[B] Diamond Pick, Unbreaking III, Eff. V.

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  1. Need TONS of these - as you gain money you get tired with slow-mining - anyone got any for sale?

    Need them delivered on SMP1 - and the faster the better :D
  2. Sell me them!
  3. how much are you willing to pay for one?
  4. normally 2500-3000 at Flash on SMP1 - so thats my cap.
  5. Mine is UnbreakingIII efficiency IV
  6. Why? I may be able to get you one or more.
  7. That'll do too - price?

    Why what?

    Price? and how many?
  8. 2.5k? Btw I have 2 Efficiency IV pickaxes
  9. I sell Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III picks for 2.5k each

  10. Im on SMP1 1783 atm.

    See you both there? (I'll buy both unbreak/eff's)
  11. Come to my res (3144) on smp2, I have a chest shop selling them.
  12. Could you set up a chest for me? (Access Terrydaterroris no t is alright) I will be on hopefully later this week (saturday at the latest due to exams)