Aydan Stradwick

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  1. I have begun to write a crime story set in the late 1940s/early 1950s (I haven't decided yet) set in London, and i'll probably leave the city sometime in one of the chapters and go to different English cities.

    Due to the nature of the story, it contains language, and will, at some point, probably contain more...'mature' themes like human trafficking and such. I will keep language and the heavier themes to a minimum, but you have been warned.

    It goes without saying; I do not endorse the activities I will write about and neither should anybody else. I add them simply for realism and also to extend the plot, or whatever. If you're offended with the themes I will/may touch upon, stop reading and go do something else. Also, if you're younger than the age of 13, I advise you don't read at all.

    So... on forth to the story? :D

    I stood beside my car on the London bridge leading to, well, London. Smoking a cigarrete, watching the cars zoom past me.

    "Ugly city, isn't it?" said the man standing beside me. Johnson. That was his name.

    I blew air out of my nose and turned to look at him. The man dressed in a fedora and grey suit with black, polished shoes.

    "Indeed it is. But so is the city I come from." I answered, "There isn't very much of a difference here."
    "Oh? And what city do you come from, Mr. Strudwick?" asked Johnson.

    "Liverpool" I answered. "Shithole of a place."

    "Oh, I doubt that, Strudwick." he said, smirking. "The war just left it in bad shape, is all. Without the Germans and their stupid Blitz, it would be the perfect city".

    "Not for what we need." I said. "We need a sprawling, busy city. Not some port city up in the North West. No. We need a big city. We need a big population."

    "It draws attention to us easier." said Johnson. "We don't need this place. We need a quiet place."
    "No." I said. "London is just fine."

    I butted out my cigarette on the black car, and headed around to the boot. I opened it, and took out a briefcase. I undid the latches on it, revealing an assortment of pistols and melee weapons.

    "What's that for?" asked Johnson.

    "When we get to London, we need to take out competition." I explained.

    "Ah. So we're taking out a small crime family? Work our way to the tops?" he asked.

    "We're going for the Jernigans." I said.

    "Stradwick, we can't do that." he said. "They're the biggest gang family in all of London. They have connections everywhere. Word gets out that we killed them - which it will - we'll have alot of trouble. We'll be dead within the week."

    "Exactly why i'm taking them out. I want to attract attention from Haul Argall. I want his connections to the other families and his..eh... empire, i'll call it." I explained, taking out a pistol and some rounds. "And for fuck's sake, stop calling me Stradwick. My name is Aydan."
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  2. [Reserved incase I need this space for chapters :p]
  3. London isn't ugly. Deal with it.

    Anyway's, interesting story.
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  4. Looks interesting. Can't wait for more.
  5. Ooh, cigarettes, very mature theme :p
  6. It was in the 40's and 50's because it'd just been bombed to hell and back :p And nowadays its nice in some places, but most of it is just council houses ;)
    You can't openly talk about cigarettes here, the children might see it and get themselves killed! wot have u done? :oops:
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  7. Ssh, fixed it ;)
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  8. Bump for creativeness.

    Also, Chapter 1 may be published on Saturday. I've been writing parts of it when I haven't been playing games or revising :p
  9. Due to exams and stuff, I haven't made very much progress with this yet. I've been focusing mainly on playing games as soon as I get home because its just a way of 'cooling down' so to speak :p And also 'tensions' between friends get really high during these last few weeks for some reason and there's usually a good fight or two that will come out of it, so to deal with that BS I have to play games too :p

    Anyway, i'm close to finishing it. The chapter isn't very long and probably won't be worth the wait i've given you all (thats if you genuinely liked the 16 short paragraphs i've already written for whatever reason :p) but I kinda like where I went with it :p It'll be up sometime this weekend, probably. That's if you're at all bothered.
  10. I scrapped the chapter and i'm restarting it on Monday, July 21st. Reason being I finish school on July 18th and am at Comic-Con on July 19th. July 20th is really the only break i'll get and i'll be dedicating the entire day to learning Java. I'll also be focusing on losing some weight over the summer, and i'm starting that on the 21st too :p