Aww! My new JackBiggin!

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  1. I just got a new hamster today and I want to show you my hamster pictures :D

    :O Bad Hamster biting on the wheel... D:
    Aww! The hamster is asleep! 10273427_763701783660047_6007423673397740913_n.jpg
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  2. He's cute. I like how he hides and thinks you cannot see him =P
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  3. Cool! Here's a pic of my guinea pig:
    His name is Pepper.
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  4. This is taken a min ago:
    Hamster eating his Dinner!
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  5. Oh please GAWD tell me his name is Jack oh please LAWD
  6. Nope. It is a Syrian Girl. Her name is Emma
  7. Nooooooooo (echoes)
  8. Good news for you! I just changed my hamster name to JackBiggin Vanilla!

    It might be a edit: I thought of Jackbiggin but it was too unknown. I changed it to Vanilla
  9. How do you mean, it was too unknown?
  10. He looks like he's eating rocks :p
  11. hah they look cool
  12. Aw, so cute!

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  13. hahaha you should name her jackbiggin :p