awesomeosky unbanned?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by awesomeosky, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Hi emc,

    I have been banned for about 1 year now and I have changed and i am willing to be a loyal player.

    Could some staff member unban me please as i really miss the joy of empire mine craft

  2. Yo, PM the staff member that banned you for an Appeal. If you don't remember who did it since you say its been a year, then Start a convo with one of the senior staff and I'm sure they can either direct you to that staff member or take control of the case for you all together c:
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  3. Not the proper way to appeal. Please send a PM to the staff member who banned you, If you're not sure who that is, ask one of the staff and they can help you out.

    Ninja'd by Southpark :p
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  4. If you do not remember who banned you, try connecting and it will tell you who banned you, you can start the PM with them :) If they are no longer staff, just invite senior staff like southpark suggested :p
  5. it was shaunwhite
  6. Then you can start a PM explaining the situation with him here. ;)
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