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Do you like music?

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  1. Okay, I know all of you have favorite songs that they really want to share. So please post some awesome songs that you love and know are really awesome! Music is so popular these days, and sharing some music that you know is really great would be sweet. So here are some awesome songs that I really like!

  2. Songs are awesome, who doesn't love music? People Like Us became my new favorite Kelly Clarkson song. :)
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  3. And don't forget these. :)

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  4. My favorite song of all time, by Pat Benatar! :)
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  5. Oh I love that song!

  6. Warning: The following video is the most disgusting music video I have ever seen.

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  7. Who doesn't like Pop...
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  8. I love pop! :D
  9. I don't. No, I'm kidding, I love Rock and Pop! :p
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  10. I don't like pop.

  11. This song gets me groovin'! :D
  12. Bump, so let's see some more of you all post awesome songs! :D
    Oh, and I'll be posting this on the weird side of youtube thread.