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  1. Hey empire server, I love this server so much. I make goals on this server, then make them!! I hope that you guys stay as a server forever!!

    Loving fan! ;)
  2. How do... idk how... do I reply?...Did you have to make a thread that idk how to reply to? XD
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  3. Thanks for the kind words, I am glad you are enjoying Empire Minecraft. Don't worry we are at the size now where it would take a lot to kill us off ;)
  4. Ello mortal. I am Mrlegitislegit, EMC's resident master of useless minecraft facts and other random stuff. :)
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  5. No you are just the person who spams random stuff.
  6. DERP!
  7. Funny Argument :p
  8. Exactly.
  9. lol
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  10. This guy is more helpful than he looks. You're looking at 2 posts out of 839 he's made... :D
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  11. Lol!
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  12. I almost lost my res to him! LOL
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  13. WHAT! How?
  14. ALMOST just cause my minecraft net was down. It is all good now.
  15. Ok..... That still doesn't make sense
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  16. When you arent on for 10 days...You res is reset....
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  17. lol. this thread is fun. I manage to give a like to almost every post. :D
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  18. I saw lol...
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  19. Oh I gotta share this. Today, I was on google [as usual] and typed in "Minecraft Servers" and clicked on the first link. I open to a blue page that says "Diamond Servers" and as I look down the list, what do I see? --Empire Minecraft: Smp 3 -- which absolutely made my day. Even if your not on smp3, you gotta appreciate the fact that these two dudes have worked so long and hard on this community to get us on googles TOP LINK!!! Go EMC! :D
  20. Ive been a member here for around 2 weeks and i bought diamond 9 days in because the community is amazing and is one of the best servers i've played in awhile :D