Awesome Modded Screenshots!

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  1. I know a few of us on here play around with mods, so my reason for this is... SHOW US YOUR SCREENS!
    Here I am playing with Flan's Mods trying to find a full Millienaire village.
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  2. Consequently right after that was taken I find the village AND I crash my biplane into their leader...
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  3. This looks funny, a plane in minecraft.
  4. That does not sound like a good way to gain their favor.......
    You know those villagers moonlight as ninjas.
    Beneath those large nosed faces....lie the minds of killers.....
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  5. And the fact that this was a Japanese culture didn't help...
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  6. It has been nice knowing you.......
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  7. I hope this isn't in emc.
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  8. No... -_-
  9. Phew!...