Awesome Mining Loot in 1 Hour

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Is this good for the time?

Yes, totally 20 vote(s) 80.0%
Pretty average 4 vote(s) 16.0%
No you just wasted your time 1 vote(s) 4.0%
  1. Hey guys, I wanted you to check out this awesome mining loot I got in the wastelands in only an hour of work! Pretty awsum huh?

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  2. That's pretty impressive. What mining method do you use?
  3. you had to be strip mining which i dont believe in
  4. Most of the time I was strip mining, but occasionally I stepped into caves.
  5. Sell me ze diamonds :p
  6. How much for da ore?
  7. Not sure, pm me your price :3
  8. How far did you go put and wat server did u mine on?
  9. Wow, what a big reward for clicking the left mouse button over and over again. Your brain must have gone crazy with all those endorphines. And tada: Here you share your happiness with us.

    Nice job :)
  10. Best method: Dig randomly :D
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  11. My favorite method is quarries... Then build a huge strip mine out of it :p
  12. ive always used that meathod. one time i got 8 diamond ore by making a random hole in the wall
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  13. I have to say, for some reason that does work well. Digging random holes in some spots you don't expect always finds something :D
  14. I mined on smp1 wastelands. I just find a big extreme hills area for emeralds. I just pack up my stuff and take my donkey Jeffery for a ride :D
  15. Thanks for the coordinates, it'd be a shame if someone found them xD
    (from looking at the window, I know you are in town :p)
  16. I don't go in the same spot everytime. I do around 2 of these a day resulting in 16k in profits. Depending how good I do.
  17. You got only 24 stone.
  18. I put it in the chest because no one on the forums needs to see more stone.
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  19. A sheep riding a donkey...Very unordinary
  20. I know, :D It is quite funny