Awesome ideas (Share them here!)

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  1. If you have any awesome ideas post them here! They can be ideas for the actual game, or EMC.

    (My idea) a bow enchant called skeletons arrow and when you kill a creeper with it it automatically drops a disc, like a skeleton killing a creeper :D
  2. My ideas:
    Durability Enchant for Bows
    Skeleton Bows (Made from bones, not sticks)
    Lots more Bone-Related items, so they actually do something.
    Flint does stuff other than Flint&Steel
    Gravel can be smelted in to flint
  3. Ideas for Minecraft:
    More world generators
    Spawn eggs in survival mode
    Ideas for EMC:
    You need both build and container flag to place chest,furnaces and dispensers.
  4. Cannot like hard enough.
  5. Enchant on a bow to make it act like pre 1.0 bow.
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  6. "ALIENS"
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  7. The ability to buy plots of protected land in the Wild for thousands and thousands of Rupees.

    I made that thread there a while back, never really got much feedback for it.

    I will post the message here if you all are too lazy to click the link:

  9. Would have to be a gargantuan amount of rupees, even then I do not forsee this happening XD

    Arrows? :p
  10. I was going to be too lazy to click the link, sorry.

    But the idea is good! :D
  11. Glad you like it :D
  12. Yay for "plain"

    You love my BBCode skillz.
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