Awesome Generated Landscape

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  1. So I was wondering through the wild, hoping to find a nice place to set a base up, then I saw this place, its so nice generated and theres much more to it then just this, what do you think of it?

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  2. That is probably the coolest area ever :)
  3. close up the bottom cave, fill it up with awesome labs with tons of steel and stone slabs and make a secret entrance in the top cave
  4. What about this one mr.robotchicken...
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  5. Haxxxxxx
  6. Nope. :D
  7. That is so awesome, settle down, make a base camp. Probably loads of materials.
  8. i think the first one is better
  9. I did settle down, and did up a dual grinder, but creepers killed me ): and I can't find it now
  10. Just ask staff for cords of where you died. They may not tp people around, but they do let people know where they are... ;)
  11. PM any member of staff, and ask for your death coords.

    Pfffffft. >.>
  12. Good point, I shall do that :) thanks for the help :)
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