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  1. Couple of days ago my computer crashed, and now it is brolen, so i can't be online on emc. I hope that i'm able to buy a new one soon
  2. I suggest you contact a staff member to talk about derelict protection if that could become an issue
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  3. Contact a staff before its to late.
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  4. I've given one month protection. Hope you get your PC fixed/replaced soon.
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  5. You can also vote for the Empire to reset your days gone thing for it.
    If you have a phone that has like safari on it then theres nothing big to worry about.
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  6. i'm almost sure that fixed is out of the order, but i really hope that i can buy a new one soon. but if i can't find one within a month, then my res could be reset or something???
  7. If you don't get it replaced within the month PM me and I'll extend the protection.
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  8. But it's true, you can also just vote