Avium - The Frozen Island...

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  1. In the Ancient Town of Avium, the villagers sleep uneasy...
    A large and foreboding island has floated over the town and has taken up a stable position..
    Cold flows down from this island, bringing with it snow and ice to the usually warm and cheery town...

    The king requests that a brave adventurer come forth and speak with him to combat this new found threat to the stability of everyday life...

    [Quest - Frozen Island] Smp2 /v 3153 - Quest starts in the Castle with an audience with the King.
    -This will last throughout the Winter Period and is available for everyone to experience.
  2. Too late for me but cool.
  3. Is this an event?
  4. This is cool can't wait to check it out.
  5. Done!! :D :D So much fun :)
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  6. Finished it :p. It was awesome
  7. That reminds me of the floating castles in Dragonlance. Hmm, caught up in the frontier at the time of writing but I'll definitely (most likely) check this one out. Maybe do a review while I'm at it :p
  8. LuckyGreenBird decided to come over & try out the quest

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