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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by fBuilderS, May 15, 2015.

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  1. If anyone has trouble with their forum avatar showing up as steve see WCG_Elite's post ;)
  2. This has been happening to me for ages, so I just go with a picture nowadays.
  3. Try using this: http://signaturecraft.us/create_avatar.php

    Download your picture, then use that as your avatar

    Or if you want the skin used on emc right now, use this:


    Or if you have a hoodie/hat/helmet etc... use this:


    replace the word Elite with the username you're using ... if you changed your name you are technically no longer 'f_builder_s'

    as emc hasn't supported namechanges yet, you still show as your old name - that might be the issue

    My new name is Elite ...yet i'm still displayed as WCG_Elite ...that's why it's not working for me, yet.
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  4. You could always manually create the picture like this:
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  5. I just tested using your new name (I won't post it here if you want to remain hidden) ...but did you check capitalization?

    It worked for me...
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