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  1. As you all can see, I have a Steve avatar :(. I am very tired of looking at this boring character, and wanted to change it. I have tried for about 2 months now and still haven't changed it. You are probably thinking:
    "Change your skin! OMG!"
    Answer: Failed.
    I am using my friend's account, he doesn't let me change the skin.

    Please post Steps, Guidelines, or anything else that will show me how to change my avatar. The first person that shows me how to do it (and that will work) will get 3000r. I want the avatar below, but the design itself. Good Luck!
  2. To change your skin:
    1. Choose a PNG image of a skin (with your app, save it as a png if possible.}
    2. Go to minecraft.net, login.
    3. Go to your profile.
    4. Upload your skin.

    To change your avatar on Empire Minecraft:
    1. Click your name on the top of the page.
    2. Click your current avatar pic and a few options should pop up.
    3. Upload or choose your avatar.
  3. Idk hwo to do #3
  4. Try using this: http://signaturecraft.us/create_avatar.php

    Download your picture, then use that as your avatar

    Or if you want the skin used on emc right now, use this:


    Or if you have a hoodie/hat/helmet etc... use this:


    replace the word Elite with the username you're using ... if you changed your name you are technically no longer 'f_builder_s'

    as emc hasn't supported namechanges yet, you still show as your old name - that might be the issue

    My new name is Elite ...yet i'm still displayed as WCG_Elite ...that's why it's not working for me, yet.

    Note: I didnt write this ;)
  5. Quickly took some pictures showing where to go to upload a custom avatar.
    AVHelp 0.png AVHelp 1.png
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  6. Didn't pixelize it. I sprited it myself.
  7. does anyone know how i can pixelize a skin head and then transfer it to emc? reward is now 3000r
  8. So, my method will involve you changing your skin. Don't freak out though, it'll only be for a short while. First thing you have to do is select the skin you want and download the file to your computer. All you need made is the head, the rest of the new skin can be a normal one. I'm not sure what app you're using, but you may need to remake it on your computer. Here is a good site to remake the skin.

    After you have sent the skin to your computer/remade it and have downloaded it (remember, you only have to remake the head) update your skin on http://minecraft.net. Here is a good tutorial on changing skins.

    After you have updated your skin successfully, you have to update your Empire Minecraft Avatar. Jay2a showed you how to update your avatar. In the second image, instead of selecting "Choose File," choose "Face" - you should see your new skin's face appear there. Select that and you're good to go.

    If the new skin doesn't show up, you might have to wait a while. Just keep checking periodically to see if it's changed. You can also restart Minecraft and log in again to see if you're skin was changed successfully.

    Next step is resetting your skin. Go to https://minecraft.net/profile (you might have to log in again) and press the "Reset" button. Your skin will reset to the default Steve model (what you have right now) and you'll have a fancy new avatar. :)

    That or buy yourself your own account. ;)
  9. Simple solution: I draw you an 8x8 avatar that looks like a player head so you can upload that without having to change your Minecraft skin.
    I can do the same thing in 3D if you prefer
  10. Can you do that please? Whatever is easiest for you. If UT works, you'll get the reward. :)
  11. Sorry Penguin, but I can't change my skin whatsoever. :(
  12. Anything specific you want the skin to look like?
  13. It looks like the one up there ^ Scroll Up to my first post and click avatar
  14. <<<Do you want a head like that?
  15. Jay, did you do it yet?
  16. Sorry, forgot all about that. Here you go:
  17. Thank You so Much, Jay2a! I will be sending the ruppes today along with a follow. ;)
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