Avast, an outpost on the oceanic frontier (SMP2)

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  1. Nautical-themed rest-stop and outpost, work in progress.


    Keep an eye out at this location. Part of the SMP2 Eastern Road.

    Feel free to visit. Elytra recharging available . With optimal flight conditions, roughly 3/4 stack of 3-gunpowder-grade flight-fuel to get there and 3/4 to get back.

    Edit: my Elytra wore out at 4/5 of the way there and used 1/2 stack of fireworks. This is flying at 15 degrees (pointed downward) according to the F3 in-flight-HUD.
  2. Hey, it sounds cool. Got any screenshots?

  3. Work in progress, still gobs to do but this is the general shape. Sails and cannon-deck exterior are next (as soon as I finish the lower hull).
  4. Ahoy! More Ships! Love Ships! You must join the LuckyGreenBird fleet :)
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  5. Updated Images:

    Features: A farm and livestock pens. A fully outfitted library, smithy, and kitchen. Officer's quarters, captain's office and quarters, crew deck and quarters, working 20 gun armament (TNT cannons), among other details you should see for yourself. Some areas are visible but not available for any guided tours, ie the hold full of loot.
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  6. The outpost's construction is as complete as its going to get. All further changes part of the maintenance cycle.

    Please see here for outpost claim.