[AUUCTION] 2 DC Ink Sacks

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  1. Auction: 2 DC of ink Sacks also known as: Balck Gold, Squid Juice, Black Dye, Ink, The Black Stuff

    Starting Bid: 1,000r (1K)
    Minimum bid increase: 250r
    Auction ends: 24 hrs after last valid bid
    Pick up: smp9 v/ 18353

    Payment is expected within 48 hrs of winning bid announcement.

    Access will be set up within 24 hrs of payment received.

    Good luck & happy bidding!
  2. Lets ink this auction up. 250 r
  3. Starting bid was 1,000r this bid was not valid. It has however, been replaced with a valid bid.
  4. My bad, My eyes went straight to the 250.

    3,000 R
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  5. Ninja'd Ugg 3.5K
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  6. 4.449k
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  7. I love the title of this thread, "[AUUCTION]"... :p

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  8. LOL!!! never noticed till you pointed it Ouut So... Owe this hurts but 5,847 wittle r's
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  9. It took me a few times to notice myself too :p

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  10. I figured as much.

    DERP, I was very tired when I posted this, whoops!
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  11. 7,676 paid by pirate talk. In case you don't talk pirate master, Tom always win.... that's in AAAAARRRr's
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  12. lol
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  13. 8.5k
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  14. 9.25k
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  15. 15k
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