Automatic Iron Ingot Farm? will pay 2000 rupees if it works properly

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  1. so i"ve recently been looking up ways to stock my shop for cheap! and i have found
    some tutorials for an iron golem farm (iron golems drop 3-5 iron ingots) but unfortunatly
    i cant watch those videos because my computer stuffed. so im wondering whether someone
    could help me build one or not? and whether its actually possible to build one on my res.

    i was reading that you need over 16 villagers and 21 doors in order for a golem to spawn.
    so what it we fenced off one squar and stuck 20 villagers in it. and have 21 doors within the area
    if what i have read is right. and we do it all right a golem will spawn within 10 blocks from them.
    so what we would do is have a 10x10 squar of water running down into a lava blade and then
    into a collection point. depending on how well you do it. you can supposedly get 800 ingots an hour

    EDIT IGNORE ALL OF THIS. and watch the video in the link.
  2. I hope you don't plan on doing this in town...
    They used to spawn due to a glitch, but Justin got on it and they no longer do.
  3. from the videos i have seen, if you set the spawn conditions right (windows, doors and villagers)
    they are supposed to spawn....
  4. It is impossible to do this in town. Taken from the Update Log.
  5. Bugger! it would have been so so easy. but of course they cant spawn in town! lol
  6. And it would've most probably have gotten you banned.
  7. For what reason might i ask? if it doesnt harm anyone? and its all inclosed?
  8. You get iron ingots for free... It's like using TMI.
  9. Well yes sort of. only its slightly more legitamit then TMI. thats like saying creating
    a skeleton grinder or a grinder of anykind is like using TMI because you get drops for free?
  10. No, because grinders aren't glitches...
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  11. setting up the perfect spawn conditions is a glitch?
  12. Oh so that's how it works..

    It's not a glitch, but trust me, it wouldn't be allowed most likely. End of story.
  13. Oh, well fair enough.
    thanks for making that clear.
  14. Making an iron golem farm wouldn't be a offense capable of banning, as Iron Golems naturally drop roses and iron ingots.. These ingots are legitimately dropped by a mob that is killed via lava.. Zombies drop iron ingots too, but not in the quantities as that of an Iron golem.
  15. Also, villagers no longer glitch into thinking doors are houses with 1.2.5. You will need to make them houses.
  16. I don't care anymore... lol.
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  17. The problem is is that iron golems are considered "hostile mobs". So, in coeoperation with Mojang, they will not spwan in town.
  18. It WOULD be a bannable offense IMO if you had done it in town, as it was a glitch that they spawned there. Creating and iron golem farm IN TOWN would be considered taking advantage of said glitch, and you would be banned as a consequence. Seeing as their spawning in the wild is NOT a glitch, creating an iron golem farm in the wild would be perfectly fine.
  19. Iron golems don't spawn in town any more (at least aren't supposed to). You can try building one and it wont trasnform.

    EDIT: By building, I mean an individual Iron Golem.. 4 iron blocks + Jack o' Lantern.