Automatic farms ?!? Question

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  1. Hey there guys I built my first Wheat farm earlier today and realized it was great then I started poking around youtube and google to find out theres other diffrent types of automatic farm types. I was wondering if any of you know any good ones for cows and chickens because I do want to get alot of feathers and leather!
  2. that one does seem simple! but seeing the comments it says the babys get stuck ? Have a solution for that O: ?
  3. vvhere did u ad the piston to ?
  4. Creating a simple chicken farm is, well, simple.
    1. Build a small enclosure for some chickens, let's say a 2x1 space. Get two hoppers and use them as the floor. Deposit Chickens (~60ish). Then, get some hoppers to connect to those and feed into a Dispenser. Third, use a Comparator and wire the signal back into the dispenser so that when an egg come in, it shoots out. Finally, make a little enclosure for the chickens from the eggs so they can't get out.

    Then you have a little chicken farm that's constantly breeding new chickens to be killed!

    If that's too complex, I'll post some pics. :)
  5. sure post some picks and does this get you alot of feathers ?