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  1. Has anyone gotten these types of farms to work? (Just the wheat, carrot, potato farms) I've been wanting to build this farm for awhile now and decided to try it out first. I built this one to test:

    Only issue is the activation range for villagers is soo small they just end up getting stuck on the sides and doing nothing. The wiki says:

    If you are standing in the absolute middle of that build the radius from middle to walls is 14 blocks which is within the 16 block activation range for town. This farm should work fine, so why are they still freezing? The farm itself works fine. All the crops are growing and occasionally some of the crops make it in the hopper in the middle and when I'm in there with them running around they do what they should do. So what gives lol

    Also can someone confirm that the height does not matter for activation range? Like you can stack this farm as high as possible and as long as the villagers are within the 16 block radius (X & Z), they would all still move freely?

    Gonna leave it run over night to see how well it does but I don't have high hopes.
  2. In my experience they do farm outside that range in town. As long as you're on your res in view of them, they have a chance of farming. They will get a bit lazy sometimes and on EMC in general they will never farm as well as vanilla, but they should keep going. I personally like my smaller version like on /v kevmeup 2 (utopia), it seems to run a little better on emc for some reason. I afk generally between the wheat stack and carrot farm and they both perform well. I've known people with a stack of the thinner farms like mine on all 4 corners of their normal res.

    Outside of town though seemed to be a different story. The radius did come into play in my early tests. I've gotten around it with keeping bonemeal powered villager farmers inside a minecart (sitting on dirt). I wouldn't expect the design used above to perform well in the frontier though from what I've seen.
  3. a public example of someone using it:
    He added more farmers to each level to help deal with emc's strangeness.

    I've seen many stock versions though in town and the owners seem satisfied with output. I never saw completely grown(unfarmed) layers, though 30-50% full grown was common with a single villager.
  4. Thanks for the post. I ended up using 6 villagers in mine (only 1 level though) logged off at about 2 am. It ran from that time until reboot. Not sure when that was but when I checked this morning, the collection chest had close to 13 stacks in it.

    I didn't realize slash had 4 of these units around a central afk area. Will have to talk to him to see what his spacing was. You wouldn't think his would work given the total area seems to be outside the activation range but I guess it does work.
  5. The dirt from 1 farm just needs to be 16 blocks away from the others (or 2 blocks higher/lower), or a villager can target the other farm and be stuck in the corner a while. It make it hard to do 4 this size on a normal res, has to be utopia, or you might be able to stagger the height just right...

    On a side note, keep an eye out for lag if you're using extra farmers, I shut down smp4 once when I had 10+ farmer villagers breeding/farming near each other. I'm guessing it was the combo of breeding code + farming code + bonemeal powered growth though.
  6. Thanks for the info. I started to build just 1 level of each tower to see how it runs.

    Ya lol Forgot about entc in utopia is only 150. I'm hoping for 7 units per tower x4 with 5 villagers per unit so would put me at about 140 entities. There are no doors anywhere so the villagers shouldn't start breeding.
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