Australian-Friendly EMC Events.

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  1. I'm sure I'm not the only Australian who finds it difficult to open up my schedule to participate in EMC events which have been directed towards people living in radically different timezones to us. So maybe we should get together and run some events geared towards people in Australian time zones. The first one I would like to do is our own version of Friday night mining since that seems to be the easiest event to set up without a crapton of resources. Any thoughts?
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  2. some events can't even be attended by some people living in the US :p
    Events are sometimes scheduled during school hours in the US

    and I agree with your opinion. :D
  3. I say go for it, I stay up till 6 AM EMC time so I might attend once or twice.
  4. Thanks. I just need some feedback from Australian players to get an idea of when and how we want this to run. It is OUR EMC, after all. And guys, if you have any Australian friends on EMC, can you please spread the word about this thread?
  5. Well maybe we can accomodate you in our scheduling. Which part of the US do you live in?
  6. The times are fine to me now due to better planning. :) However, a lot of people in the U.S. also have trouble attending due to personal issues. If EMC had a staff member from Australia (or a staff member that stays up very late), that staff member could possibly host events specifically for people living around the same time zone. :D
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  7. Alright. Well, I've been on EMC for an age now. And I've been losing interest because my friends leave the server. That's why I wanted to do these events, to make more friends. If becoming a staff member serves that purpose, I'll sign up.
  8. FYI if you do /staff at 6am emc time, I never see staff on at that time. Even had some troll that was cursing people in town chat and their was nothing we could do about it.
  9. Get me a voting ballot! I vote Eldoro for Mod Selection Spring 2015:D:p