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  1. Hello to you all, we are finally looking for people for our soon to be cozy settlement. That's right! We have 5 others settled up around the region.

    This is a great opportunity for those who would love to build out in the wilderness but are worried about griefing and other issues that may rise so worry no more! This is your chance to do something great! We have a great little community who are always active and helping away. No matter what you like doing from building massive creations to flower picking, Aurora can cater for all!

    We have built on a very nice and large area including a Snow Bio-dome, Desert, Flatlands. It also includes magical views, preserved landscapes, river canal which travels through Newland for quick access around using a boat and all away from spawn and from prying eyes but we are now looking for more residents to come join the adventure of a.......* Dramatic Music*LIFETIME!

    Aurora is connected to EWF which is a community of wilderness towns together. There will be a lot of work ahead as it is fairly new. If you can use McEdit this would be a Major plus. This is over 200x200 blocks :)

    >>>What Needs To Be Done<<<

    *Dirt Clearing (A lot of it)
    There is more but i feel i'll be here for sometime. Remember it is a new City coming together.

    If your interested in joining our little community just post below! it's that's simple, well almost that simple we'll need to know a little about you before we can make the decision which include the following:

    Age: (We have no age limit but we like to know, Maturity is needed.)

    Time On The Empire: (We don't have a limit but experience is a must!)

    Home Server & Res: (Always good to know)

    Extra Information: (Tell us a little about yourself, things like how active are you? What are you good at? Building Skills? Pictures? Don't just use this as a guide to your question, creativity is the goal!)

    This will take time to process it could be several hours, days even weeks to look into what you've written is correct. Messaging us will not make your application go any faster and will put it last of the list so don't. You'll then be on a trial to how you go, and if it works then you will be a resident of Aurora

    Reason of being so thorough as we do not tolerate ANY type of grief, If your accepted into Newland and found griefing you will be punished by our team of great Moderators and Admins so why bother?

    Also there will be a lot of work involved ahead. If you dont like working ect like that do NOT bother applying. EWF
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  2. I would like to join.
    1. 23 years old
    2.Over 6 Months
    3.Home Server SMP5 and res # 11175.
    4. I like to build and do work for other people that need help on their res so i am good with everything but i know a little but but not a lot on red stone wiring
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  3. Thanks for applying, your application is being reviewed. :)
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  4. 1. I am 19 years old
    2. I have been on the empire since December 10th, so that makes it about 2.5 months now
    3. Home Server: SMP3 Res: 6386
    4. Extra Information: To be honest, I have never had a long term settlement out in the wild before, but I have been wanting to try it for a long time, and I really haven't yet because I am afraid of a random griefer just coming along and destroying it ALL. I'm also not exactly good at making things look especially pretty, but by golly I can do things that are BIG and are beautiful because they are just so BIG. I also make things neat (basically perfectly symmetrical... its a slight OCD thing I've got :p) and efficient. I'm a fairly good explorer, meaning I can find ravines and caves and such, and reap them for all the resources they have to offer, and I am also good at collecting general materials i.e. cobble, wood, sand, sandstone, nether brick, etc...

    The only concern I have is that if I were to join this, would I be required to spend nearly all my time out there or could I still spend time at my res having fun just building for the heck of it? Also, is it under the impression that all materials no matter what they are, are considered property of the settlement, or if per say there is no need for cobble, and the settlement has a TON of cobble, could it be taken back to our res to be used there? Just curious.
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  5. I have no issue nor anyone else would if you were to return home and build and take resources, If we had far more then we need i don't see why not.

    Or you would have to do is send a message or go onto the EWF website and just tell what and how much pretty simple eh?

    Your application is being reviewed.
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  6. Seems good to me :D
  7. Links have been sent, congratulations of getting to step 2. :)
  8. How about teamspeak? We could always use more people on there :p
  9. I tried, Has TS been down?
  10. Yea its down atm. Maybe if I remind smooch of how awesome he is we can have it back soon.
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  11. Age: 19
    Time at EMC: about 2.5 months
    Home server/res: smp3, 6029 (I think :p) AND utopia (no clue what res # sorry)
    Extra info: I started and managed Supporter City (A community of around 30 supporters and moderators out in the wild on one of the servers) through most of its life (until some griefer showed up and started stealing things), I was also elected mayor near the end of the city's lifespan. I love working on community projects, and would love to help out with this. I'm a bit worried about how you plan to deal with griefers, but I suppose theyre a part of MC. Also, I can do very large builds. Take a look at the Earth I'm working on with Yukon1200 on Utopia :) its HUGE. Mostly though, I'm an ideas guy. I'll help to bring Aurora to new heights, and help to showcase the best of what her members have to offer.
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  12. Age: 17
    Time at EMC: slightly over 2.5 months
    Home server/res: smp3, res 6470
    extra info: I have sadly just cleared my lot of all of its data and have no pictures of its epicness (it was a 7 floor auto farm that grew everything growable in the game). I cleared it because I am geting ready for a mega build (i will start it when 1.1 comes out and is added). I am a mega builder and i have OCD for neatness, so what I do is "very very very very neat". If you are wanting some words of recomendation to vouch for my gian 7 floor auto farm factory complex, ask jabrzer0 or yukon1200, i work with them often. As for them, i can say that they are both great people and are great at doing what they do. That said, I am a mega builder and build at super fast rates. If you want i can show you to my end quarry, i have a tree farm, mellon farm, and a cobble stone generator and i have taken 1.5 double chests of end stone from it for my next mega build (the floating city of sanctaphrax from the edge chronicles), which i did all in one day.... and its underground so no one can find it...... besides that, i can solve a rubik's cube in under a minute and i can clap with one hand. ;)
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  13. Your Applications are now being reviewed.
  14. Congratulations on getting to step 2. =) Links have been sent.
  15. quick question what server is aurora on please
  16. I've asked Dark_liz to take care of the existing comments, should hopefully be deleted. Sorry but the one thing i dislike is to be accused especially for something harmless as that. Eh, bad start to my day i think lol.

  17. SMP 3. :)
  18. thanks matey
  19. I enjoy getting into these sorts of things...And there is something...About your face. I'm not sure. I feel I can trust it.

    Age: 21 I know, I'm old.

    Time On The Empire: Few months? I want to say around three...At least two.

    Home Server & Res: smp3, 7150. Be warned, my house is unfinished, therefor ugly. It still needs upstairs carpeting and furnishing all around.

    Extra Information: For a limited time only, hopefully, I am limited on internet access. I lack home internet capabilities, so I use the library. I try to get here for a few hours every other day at least. Weekends are bad as the library closes early, and most holidays they will likely be closed. At worst, I may be gone a few days, at best, I can be on every day for a few hours. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

    You can consider me a Jack of all trades. I'm a good fighter, miner, farmer, worker, I can do basic redstone things, novice alchemist...etc. Just don't expect me to do much art, haha. I'm easy to get along with, friendly, nice(if not a little too nice), uh...I'm freakin' cuddly. ;3

    But yeah...Don't expect griefage from me. Do unto others what you would want done to yourself. You can contact Mrlegit or DeadScope, I worked with them on their mining operation until something happened in my absence and it closed.

    When I have free time, I try to hunt ghasts for their tears. They make nice potions. ^^
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  20. I saw your wall on the live map Ryukk. its EPIC
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