auctions slow

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by modernwar54, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. My auctions have been very slow lately [like 2-5 bids and max price 2k] then i see the same items go for
    15k with the same start bid. Anyone with tips?
  2. I tend to notice auctions if the persons profile pic is not just of their minecraft skin.
    And also if the person posts a lot because it may be a name i recognize.
  3. I like your auctions. It's because I'm low on rupees, I don't bid.
  4. thnx but i see what xoluss means the people that post a lot and r everywhere on the forums tend to attract more people to their auctions but it not easy posting a ton and getting a million likes
  5. hmm, i don't know that i have seen any of your auctions... Going to look at them now :p
  6. Huh. Easy for me to go around. Though if you promise to keep hosting auctions at a good, steady pace, I can (hopefully) bid for them at a good price. Maybe even spread the word on ones I can't bid.