Auctioning 35 enchanted books

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by RunningAmbush, Mar 6, 2013.

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  1. Im auctioning 35 enchanted books for 6k. winner will ned to pay me when im online at 1912 on SMP1, more details in replys
  2. okay form is how many i have of that book, book and what level book
  3. 7 Sharpness 1, 1 projectile protection 1, 7 protection 1, 1 power 4, 1 smite 2, 1 blast protection 4, 1 efficiency 2, 1 feather falling 4, 5 power 1, 2 feather falling 1, 1 sharpness 3, 3 efficiency 1, and 1 sharpness 2
  4. minimum bid 6k bidding ends on march 10, 2013
  5. You need to list what books they are:)
  6. ... Should have refreshed the page:oops:
  7. Eh, too expensive. Sorry! :/ The best ill bid is 3k. And im talking BEST.
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  9. Did not see that, 6k
  10. robsmith27322 is winning with 7k
  11. What? He didn't even bid
  12. Auctions on the website are only on the website. The website auctions also must be finished. So there is no ingame portion of this auction (unless there is some rule i missed).
  13. he bidded on the other thread in public events or whatever
  14. yep 7k there
  15. you can better first read the auction rules before you post a thread next(not meant to be rude)
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