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  1. hey guys, Im selling one DC of eggs (not spawn eggs)

    starting bid 500r
    min bid 400
    auction ends 24 hours after last bid
    pick up only!

    (my first auction hope its right place :( )

    P.S a great shop to buy stuff is 18262
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  2. Use the Community Auction Forum under Community Market Place Area in Forum Tab. Other than that, the auction details are set up no problem. (maybe say which residence # to pick up at)

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  3. The correct section is in the [community auctions] place underneath the empire economy section. But it's your first time, which is understandable. Also, try not to add in this:
    EDIT: Ninja'd
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  4. res /smp9 /v 18303
  5. why not?
  6. Now, if you place this message in the other thread (this one) then you got yourself a valid auction going. Eggs are regular items, so you'd need to auction 'm off in DC quantities (like you did!).

    I noticed that you already started another (invalid) auction. No worries, I'm sure staff can take care of that one. I can well understand that this could be a little confusing at first. Just be sure to check out the rules.
  7. Oh wow what a nice person! The world needs more people like you.