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  1. Today I shall auction off "Creep Killer'! It is a limited edition Stone Sword, enchanted with:
    KnockBack II
    Fire Aspect II

    Starting Bid: 1r

    Minimum Increase: 1r

    Endtime: 24 hours after final bid!

    (random 20 levels ho!)
  2. Can a mod change the title to say Creep Killer after the [AUCTION] please. :(
  3. Bump me Creep Killer!
  4. Four whole rupees
  5. and just wondering, is the sword renamed "Creep Killer"?
  6. OMG, four rupees; what a bump! I'll raise it to a whole 5r
  7. srry, missed that; 6r
  8. where is the pick up?
  9. oh yah? I bid 10000x100000+12312312-123111+667777x0+6 rupees
  10. I already bid 6r...
  11. That's 1123000216r
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  12. it is x0 making it 6r
  13. Ya, it is named Creep Killer xD And yepicfail is in the lead with a grand total of 6r! Man, I really don't think anyone is rich enough to beat you xD
  14. Woah, woah, check this out guys, BAM. TEN RUPEES. Who's da bawss now? The man with the ten less rupees, is.
  15. Order of Operations, bro, that simplifies to 10000x100000+12312312-123111+6r, which gets me 1012189207r...

    strange, whos right?

    anyways, i dont think you can afford either of those bids, so i would make sure u double check your bids before u bid them XD
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  16. Gimme dat sword 30r
  17. Lol ok how about this (((312387978x23126666^333) + (23222+9999) + (1232x10^32222)) x 0) + 12) Rupees (hopefully it turns into 12 rupees :p)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.