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  1. Hey Everyone i am having an auction for a:
    Eff IV Unbreaking I silktouch I Diamond Pick
    Auction will be held for 16 hours
    Bid starts at 500
    Bids can go up by 100

    Happy Bidding!!!!!!!
  2. i've never owned a silt touch piczxe before in my MC life :(
  3. congrats jtc
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  4. ok can a mod lock this please
  5. How has it been 16 hours yet? I come up with 9 more minutes left.
  6. sorry i am thinking of my timezone
  7. It doesn't work that way. Sixteen hours is sixteen hours regardless of what time it is when you start counting.

    My timestamp for the start of this auction was 6:29PM yesterday. Sixteen hours later would be 10:29AM today. Your "congrats jtc" post was at 8:30AM by my timestamp. So your auction was only about 14 hours.
  8. ok then everyone keep on bidding
  9. oh the auction was over about a half our ago
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  10. did i win?
  11. Yes
  12. :D:D:D:D:D:D
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