[Auction] Your custom 5 Diamond Pickaxes: Unb3 Eff5 Silk

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  1. Item: 5 Diamond Pickaxes: Each with Unbreaking III, Efficiency V, Silk Touch I
    The winner may choose the names. I will apply the names before delivery.
    The winner may also choose Fortune III instead the Silk Touch enchantment.
    The winner may also choose to leave away the Silk Touch enchantment.
    Starting Bid: 12000 r

    Minimum Bid Increments: 1000 r

    Auction Ending Time: 24h after last valid bid

    Pickup: SMP1 /v 1728
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  2. is this even valid? i thought w/e you posted had to sold like that, no changes
  3. why dont you stop questioning auction sir
  4. I believe this auction is valid, as each bidder is completely aware what they are bidding for. Matthew might be bidding for the Fortune, and Pokemon might be bidding for the Silk. It's the same thing with the wool auctions Cadgamer101 does. You pick whatever color you want from the 16 once you win.
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  5. Why I cant? Just making sure everything in vaild
  6. If there is a concern with an auctions validity it's best brought up with a mod and not posted in the thread. I don't think any player has been designated as "auction police". :)

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