[AUCTION] -You asked for it, here it is- NINJA ARMOR!!!

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  1. Item: NINJA ARMOR
    (too lazy 4 pics so here)
    A full set of black leather armor.
    Ninja Hood (Head):
    -Protection II
    -Unbreaking III
    -Respiration III
    -Aqua Affinity I
    Ninja Robes (Tunic):
    -Protection IV
    -Unbreaking III
    Ninja Pants (Leggings (Duh))
    -Protection IV
    -Unbreaking III
    Ninja Boots (Boots (Also Duh))
    -Protection II
    -Unbreaking III
    -Feather Falling IV

    Starting Bid: 9kr (These enchantments are bloody expensive if you buy them in a shop)
    Minimum Bid Increment 500r
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid or Dec. 31st, 231784234923764230

    You guys asked for the ninja armor, so here you go.
    My next armor is going to be Skyrim style Nordic armor and battle axe.

    Bid away!
  2. Need those ninja boots. Gotta level up mah sn33kin'. 9k
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  3. Umm why all the protection 4 armor recently, regular protection was nerfed a while ago :/
  4. Well, I'd plan to use this just for show around /town; however, Protection may not be nearly as good as any other armor enchantment (Besides thorns, unbreaking and featherfalling), but it still has its 360 degrees of equal defense. Burn for shorter period of time, take a bunch less damage from basic mobs like zombies, and even decrease your falling damage more. Plus, who really ever has that much of a problem with creepers? The only problem they deal is blowing up your things, instead of you >.>
  5. True, but id suggest protect/unbreacking chest, projectile/unbreavking leggings, fire protect/feather fall/unbreacking boots and blast or reg protect/aqua/respiration helmet
  6. However, trent, a ninja is stealthy. If you are getting shot at and blown up then this armor isn't for you. The protection is strong on the chest and legs to protect equally from all damage, and weak on the boots and head to help counter the high repair costs. The point of this armor is to be able to sneak up on people from high up or underwater, or make a stealthy escape (jump off a cliff or swim away).
    Also, having blast protection only really works if its on alot of your armor, from what I understand of the mechanics.
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  7. bump!!! An amazing set of armor going for an amazing price!
  8. Alright. Sorry for the sudden spam of thread posts, but I paid for this :p
  9. Alright. Access chest is on utopia at my second res.
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