[auction] Voters boots

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by DatzMine, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. Thread Title: [AUCTION] Voters boots
    Details: name( Datzmine's voters boots) protection 1, feather falling 5, leather boots, dyed, unbreakable, soul bound, final, voting reward
    Item: Datzmine's voter boots
    Starting Bid: 25,000 r
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1,000 r
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last bid

    *Sorry about the mishaps last auction, I am auctioning it correctly this time starting the starting bid close to where it was last auction*
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  2. You may want to lower the starting bid.
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  4. I already read it.
  5. I'm am bringing the starting bid down to 25k
  6. Adjusted OP
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  7. 25,000r is 25k,
    So ur not really lowering the starting bid... :p
  8. Just saying, voters boots are more of a reward and a thank you for voting that long instead of something you just sell... It's your reward not ours :)
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  9. Was 50k.

    25k... I love me some boots.
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  10. Why are you auctioning an item that is 100% unique to you, and you only
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  11. 30k
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  12. I'm auctioning it because I have no use for them. I only enjoy building, not exploring as much. The auction continues
  13. Guys, he knows exactly what he is doing. No need to comment about its "rareness" and how "unique" it is.
  14. Current highest bid is 30k by WeirdManaico
  15. I bumped then posted the highest bid so everyone won't have to keep scrolling up. And I waited to bump 3 hours and 10 minutes after the last post. No rules are broken and I made sure I read all the rules due to my mishaps from my last auction. No rules are being broken
  16. You have done it twice in this Auction fist time was this mourning two bumps withing minute of themselves and then this afternoon bump within 5 minutes of themselves. So Yes you did break the rules no point of arguing with me since your clearly broke the rules. I'm only giving you warning this so please no more illegal bumping on your auctions or you will be blacklisted.

    Morning illegal bumps
    DatzMine, 29 minutes ago
    Current highest bid is 30k by WeirdManaico
    DatzMine, 24 minutes ago

    Afternoon illegal bumps
    DatzMine, Today at 6:05 AM
    I'm am bringing the starting bid down to 25k

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