[Auction] Village of 3456 Villagers (DC of villager eggs)

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  1. Auction item : DC of Iron Blocks (9 DC of Iron Ingots)
    Starting Bid: 10000r (10k)
    Minimal Bid Increment: 1000r (1k)
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after last vaild bid
    Pickup : access chest at SMP9 18766 , or delivery anywhere on EMC (+100r)
    Perfect to make this :

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  2. Woah crap... 20k, purely out of respect.
  3. ...

    well there goes the cheap iron
  4. Wait... Is the auction villagers, or iron blocks? I imagine it was a copy/paste mistake, but...
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  5. So the title says DC of villager eggs, but your auction description lists a DC of iron blocks, which is it?
  6. Either way.... 34,567r
  7. Who cares what it is? 40k
  8. Well, Iron blocks can make this auction worth a lot more whereas villagers wouldn't be worth quite as much.

  9. This thread needs some clarification as to what you are actually Auctioning off. Villager Eggs or Iron Blocks, pls clarify
  10. Unfortunately, due to the obvious confusion around what item is being auctioned, this auction now closed.
    We can't allow auctions to run when it is not clear what is being bid on, please re-post your auction ensuring it has the right details.
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Thread Status:
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