[AUCTION] Vault Voucher & Treasure Voucher

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by wipple5, Mar 5, 2014.

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  1. Start bid - 1r
    Min increase - 1r
    End 48hrs after last post
    collect - /mail
    GOOD LUCK :)
  2. 21kayz
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  3. BABOOM!
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  4. Irrelevant post - please do not bump for 3 hours after the last post in an auction, sorry :p
  5. :p +just to clarify, is that 21,000r?
  6. 22r. Take that.
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  7. 21,000r is my current bid, indeed! Back on track. :)
  8. 25003r
    I am really breaking the bank here.
  9. 25,004r
    Sheesh, me too *sips tea*
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  10. *smacks tea out of hand*

    Do you have pictures of said vouchers?
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  11. 25006r
    Sorry, but I want to get this auction over with.
  12. *picks up empty mug*

    Not sure if wipple does, but here they are:
    2014-03-05_22.04.24.png 2014-03-05_22.04.25.png
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  13. None of youz gonna be FDNY...... I know firsthand. xD
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